So today my blood is boiling... and the reason for this is a soccer match.  Yes it just had to be soccer.  I love soccer so much it’s scary... lol...  So last night our soccer team won a quarter final game fair and square and today I find out our results aren’t listed on the website because the other team filed a complaint.  Not sure how this complaint, that’s only reported today can affect yesterday’s results... surely the issue should’ve been raised during or after the game.

And as a woman I’m regarded as less important or would not even be listened to because it’s a man’s territory and what do I know about soccer?  I am hurt, upset and extremely disappointed in certain men that think they are more superior or know more just because they are men.  You learn something new every day, I guess, and things like this just make you stronger and open’s your eyes about our society.

I’m not a feminist or a sexist but as a strong woman I will demand respect from my male counter parts and I will not let them make me feel less important.  I know soccer and I love soccer and no-one can take that away from me.