So a friend of mine broke up with her boyfriend recently and can you believe it... In this day and age... the dude took back all the gifts he bought her... I mean everything, even worn and used things... What an idiot!  I’m sorry, but I just could not believe that guys do things like that, needless to say I’m very proud of my friend, she didn't stoop as low as him and left him with the gifts she bought him and didn't demand anything back.

I believe when you buy someone a gift you doing it genuinely from the heart, when you take it back you just making yourself bad luck and destroying your own blessings.

When he gave her gifts, he gave it to her ‘cause he wanted her to have it, cause he cared, cause he was out and he saw something cute and thought she would like it and he was happy to give it to her.  But then when the relationship sours and she wants out, he becomes petty, spiteful and demands all the gifts back. 

My question to guys who do that is: “What kind of low budget, grudgeful, hateful, strings attached giving fool are you?

The only thing that you give your woman and have the right to get it back is an engagement ring.  If she breaks the engagement off, she should return the ring as it was given with the purpose of securing a promise for marriage.

If he thinks relationships are like that then he needs to date himself only.  What is he going do with those used gifts?  It’s not like he can give them to another girl, he is just being spiteful and he just doesn't want her to have them.  He is mad cause he spent money on a woman that now doesn't want him and his little feelings are hurt.

No woman in a romantic dating relationship is required or obligated to return the gifts her man gave to her.   Most decent men are happy the woman has the gifts he gave her, because if the relationship sours the woman has sentimental reminders of a tender time spent with a great guy, while it lasted.

A guy who demands back gifts is such a disappointment, and as a girl you should be angry for having wasted your time with such an idiot.

Guys if you are giving gifts with the intent that they give you rights of ownership or stake a claim in a woman forever, you have this whole thing all twisted up.