Yes I am an optimist and I really don’t get people who aren’t, especially parents...  I mean you’ve been blessed with the most priceless, precious thing ever... a child/children.  What’s there to be negative about?? Really?

I love my kids so much and I feel so blessed to have them, that I wake up happy everyday and no matter the challenges that  life throws my way... the mere thought of my kids puts a smile on my face.  I pray for them daily and they do the same for me too.

Yes life sucks sometimes, but always look at the bright side... I always do.

Here’s how you do it...

If you lose your job for instance... don’t get depressed... see it as an opportunity for change, now you can do the things you were never able to ‘cause of your job, and if you’re worried about how you going to pay the bills... don’t!  Start working on an action plan... Do something that will generate you some income eg. drive kids to and from school, become an Uber driver, move in with a friend or move back home and rent out your place to cover the bond... there are always options.

If your girlfriend/boyfriend cheats on you... yes it’s going to hurt... but at least now you know what you’re dealing with and that the person you gave so much of you to... doesn’t feel the same about you.  Now instead of wasting more time with her/him... you can make time for someone who will actually value you.

The examples are endless... 

The point is think more positively and be more positive it attracts more positivity into your life. 

Yes I’ve always been an optimist and having kids has just taken it to new heights.  I was born to be a mother... lol... I love kids and yes I am planning to have more, who knows maybe God will bless me with the twins I have so longed for...  I’m putting it out there... lol...

The things that bring real happiness in life are free, so go out there and be more positive!