Society has become so sick that it constantly judges... especially mother’s.  If a child is naughty or chooses a wrong unlawful path in life... who does society blame?? The mother!  You always hear things like “Does he not have a mother? Where was the mother? mother this and mother that... 

It has become so bad that mothers are constantly feeling bad about everything.  If you’re a working mom, it’s a bad thing ‘cause you should stay home and raise your kids, never mind that you’re putting food on the table, if you decide to have a drink with colleagues after work, you’ll get comments from a 50 something year old woman in the office who has never had any kids saying “Don’t you have to go home and cook for your kids?”... since when has motherhood meant that your life must stop?  Mom’s are people too!

Stop feeling guilty!  There is a study which found that the daughters of working mothers go on to have more successful careers and more equal relationships.  So going out to work provides a strong role model for your daughters....Yay!!  As for forgetting to bake cakes for the school cake sale day and scrabbling for last minute Christmas gifts, it’s just nice to have the moral high ground for once.

How liberating to be told that we’re not ruining our kids’ lives by daring to pay the bills, that a career isn’t necessarily something you buy at the expense of the people you love, that you don’t have to drag the clanking chains of guilt along behind you forever.

The trouble with modern parental guilt is that it’s as much about work as it is about the children.  To stay at home is to feel bad about wasting your education, about dodging your responsibility to contribute, either financially at home or publicly to the world.

Basically there is no right nor wrong, no matter what you do there will always be something to feel guilty about, but you have a choice to do your best at everything and just don’t feel guilty, period!  There is only one you and no matter what you do in your kids’ eyes you’ll always be the best mom ever! so who cares what people say?  The only opinions that matter are those of your kids.