I always new I wanted to start a blog, but just never had the time or maybe just never really believed that I could actually do it... So here we go... my very first Blog!  Woo hoo!!  I think a lot of nonsense all day every day and that is why I thought starting a Blog wouldn't be such a bad idea.  So welcome to this exciting journey with me.

I'm crazy, everyone who is close to me always says that and it's true.  The reason why I'm perceived as crazy is 'cause I live my life for me and I do what I wanna do, when I wanna do it.  I dance when I feel like dancing and I do it like no-one is watching... I use dancing as my first example to explain my craziness 'cause it's the one thing I really enjoy doing... dancing is my happy.

I also say what's on my mind, I am extremely opinionated and I like being in control (probably the reason why I don't drink alcohol)... lol. My friends drink and I get drunk.  Most sober people hate being around drunk people, I love it!  Cause then I can really be myself and no-one judges anyone.  If my happiness comes from being crazy... then yea... call me crazy, who cares...I'm happy!

My advice to everyone is always be happy no matter what. Life is short and you only have this one life to live... so live it to the fullest, there are no second chances, but that also doesn't mean you need to be stupid and do stupid things that you might regret.