I love love love shoes!  You don’t have to be a shoes fashionista to find excitement in shoes.  When I see a gorgeous pair of shoes I go crazy, it consumes my mind, all I think about is that shoe and how I’m going to get a pair. 

I don’t know where my shoe obsession started. During high school was the peak of my obsession, I bought shoes every week and some of them just ended up in the closet never to see daylight again. I have so many shoes. I have sneakers, running shoes, formal shoes, boots, slip ons, flip flops, you name it, I have it. I used to have the latest styles and all that, but ever since having kids, I haven’t really indulged myself in my passion since, I do still buy shoes whenever I see a pair I like, but it’s not a priority anymore, unlike before, it was my only priority.

If we are ever together in a mall and we get separated, you only need to look in 2 places to find me, the clothes or the shoe section. Now, although I don’t get to buy a pair of shoes every week, I still do buy a pair of shoes on occasion, whenever a pair catches my fancy. I guess being a mom altered my perception a bit, because I am more meticulous when I am buying shoes. I don’t just buy them because I like the way it looks, now I buy them only if 1. they fit well, 2. they are comfy 3. they are on sale (optional) and 4. they are absolutely gorgeous.  

The best shoe to ever be designed is the Classic, 5inch, Pigalle, Christian Louboutin shoe... I love love love love love that shoe... I get butterflies in my tummy just thinking about that shoe.  It is like owning a Buggatti (sports car) for a guy.  It is the best shoe ever designed... it looks so good no matter what it is worn with.  Every woman should own a pair.  

Christian Louboutin Pigalle, black....this will be the first pair I buy.
Will my passion for shoes ever go away?? I doubt it... My 2yr old daughter has also inherited my passion for shoes, and that makes me a very proud mommy... a little me in the making... Yay!!  She was only a year and a half and already walking in mommy's heals... I quickly tried to put a stop to it 'cause I didn't want to see my little angel get hurt, need less to say her favourite place in the house is mommy's closet trying on all my shoes... I guess there is no way I can stop her. She is as passionate as me.

Enough said... Shoes are my passion!!