So someone decided to surprise me with a pair of my dream shoes… yes you've guessed it… a pair of… wait for it… Christian Louboutin's… and they are gorgeous, sexy, perfect!!  The joy I felt is unexplainable, it was soooo intense, and I was filled with all kinds of good emotions.  I love shoes and that's a fact, everybody has their thing… mine is shoes. 

I've always known Louboutin's are special but never did I imagine that they were this powerful.  Everyone has been talking about my shoes to an extent where there is even corridor gossip about them and some people are even angry… damn!  Shocking I know… who would've thought a simple pair of shoes could be so powerful... now I'm even trending, says my friend... lol...  Well I guess for a shoe of such perfection… you can't blame them.  

All I can say is that I love my shoes and I am truly blessed… Not so long ago all I could do was dream and blog about Christian Louboutin's now I can proudly say I own me some red bottoms.


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