This is such a delicate topic and I don’t really like to get into it, but it is something that has really been bugging me lately.  I am a God fearing woman, who by all means tries to live a life where I respect and love fellow human beings regardless of their race.  So when someone kills or treats another human being badly simply because of the colour of their skin it puzzles me and it got me thinking...  If more people knew God none of this nonsense would exist... how humanly are you to hate and kill someone just because they are a different race to you... how do you find it in your heart to do that?? Do you even have a heart?

We all grew up in a society where not just racism exists but we even discriminate against each other within our own race and communities... Eg. This trend within the Black race where the lighter skinned Blacks are labelled as better and prettier, in the coloured community too if you are a light skinned coloured with straight hair, you are perceived as better.  It has become so bad that women even go and lighten their skin just to be accepted or liked. 

Have our minds been so polluted that we are starting to believe that white is right?  Are we as the human race become so shallow, that we have given into this nonsense.

Black people in the workplace are made to feel that they are lucky they even have a job and are undeserving of a promotion or being in a higher position then a white colleague.  You hear about this every other day and nothing seems to change...  People have just accepted it.  And when someone does stand up and talk about these injustices they get boycotted and lose their jobs... look at what is happening to Grey’s Anatomy actor Jesse Williams for speaking up.

Most people are Christians, and we believe that when we die we’ll go to heaven, so when people say a certain race is favoured do they believe that there are different Heavens’ for each race?  Or do they even think they will make it to Heaven with all the hate in their hearts? 

Will racism ever go away?  Will people stop being victimised for speaking up? And will there ever be a time where we are all treated equally and as individuals not as... just another Black person or another White person.