I've been thinking about success, and as for as long as I can remember, I've always wanted to be successful.  As a young child if I was asked what do you want to be when you grow up, my answer was always, "successful" during my beauty pageant days my answer was also always, I want to be successful. So what is success? and am I successful?  For the longest time I used to think being successful is having loads and loads of money and I'm sure that must be what most people think.  The older I got, my views on success started changing and it's not because I was older and didn't have loads of money... lol... it's because I was older and wiser.

I'm from a small town, Klerksdorp where life was simple and nice, now I live in Johannesburg and trust me it is nothing like Klerksdorp but I love it here!  Most people here in this beautiful city of Johannesburg are go-getters, people who wanna make it, people who ultimately want to be successful... just like me.  I do however believe most of these people's views on success are still what my views were as a teen.  Their definition on success is living in a fancy house, driving a fancy car, wearing expensive clothes etc... even if they can't afford it.  So you ask yourself is that really being successful??  I don't think so.  People put themselves under unnecessary pressure just to appear successful to other people... why do we value what other people think of us so much anyway?

To me success is owning things that make you happy, that satisfy you... who cares what people think?? So what if you don't drive the latest car or have loads of money?? As long as you have a smile on your face everyday, can do things you want to do, own the basic things in life where you can still enjoy life, travel, experience great things and can sleep peacefully every night.  Don't ever compare yourself to other people, there is nothing wrong with admiring people's achievements and working towards achieving the same great things, just don't put yourself under pressure to be where they are especially if you can't afford it.  There are no quick fixes in life and especially not on the road to greatness.

So do I think I am successful?? Yes I think I am... and I base my answer on the fact that right now I am where I want to be now, it doesn't mean I want to stay here... I have achieved many of my goals and I still have many more goals I want to achieve, and I'm working towards achieving them everyday, and that's how I measure my success!!  It is purely based on me and what I want and what makes ME happy.