You would think after all these years in an apartheid free country things would be better.  You would think that we would all have equal opportunities in life and that the colour of your skin wouldn’t be a determining factor.  Lets face it… race still plays a large role at who gets what and who deserves what.

Will this ever change?  I really don’t see it happening soon… and what can we as ordinary South Africans do to bring upon this change?

I’m sure many of you are as anxious as I am to see who our next president will be and if he’ll make the necessary changes that will actually help and be beneficial to the people. 

I wonder if it really is true that the world is controlled by a single entity who ultimately controls the Presidents of most countries (except Mugabe… ofcourse… lol) to ensure that we Africans always suffer.  Are all those conspiracies true? And are we just too blind to see the bigger picture.  Are all these worldly issues there to take our focus away from the more important things in life?

Why do we care so much what people in power do?  Why don’t we just concentrate on bettering ourselves and bringing positive changes to our own lives… why do we depend on these people so much?  We know that we can achieve anything we set our minds on, we know that we have the power to bring change ourselves… so what are we waiting for… Why don’t we just trust ourselves, the man above and make our own positive changes.

We give other human beings too much power in our lives, we live our lives hoping that whoever is in power is going to make our lives better, and if they don’t we get miserable, demotivated and depressed.  So what if the government is not doing anything to better your life!! Why don’t you do something to change your own circumstances.  Life is so short, you don’t want to die and look back at your life with regret and realize that you died unhappy and unfulfilled ‘cause you were waiting on someone else to change your life for the better.  Wake-up and smell the coffee… you and you alone are responsible for your own happiness.  Start making positive changes in your life today and be happy.