It's that time of the year again... the thing I dread the most about this time of the year is buying Christmas gifts and that's simply 'cause I never know what to buy... and I don't think I'm the only one with this problem.  This got me thinking... and I decided to make a list of awesome gifts to buy...  Hopefully this will help to not get lost in the frenzy of last-minute Christmas shopping.

For Her...
1. Jewelry
2. Handbags
3. Shoes (Christian Louboutin if her name is Gareth... lol)
4. Cellphone covers 
5. Vouchers

For Him...
1. A Watch
2. Electronic Gadgets
3. Cool T-shirt
4. Caps
5. Sneakers

Well this is simple... just buy them the latest toy... the in thing.  They usually tell you what it is that they want and if they are like my kids they probably have 10 things on their list, so choose one or two (if they've been good) and get them that...  Word of advice... Do not get them what you like or what you think is best for them... you'll just be wasting your money 'cause they'll never play with it.

Hope this helps... and remember not to leave your shopping for last minute.