This is a question many women have asked for years and men have given all sorts of explanations as to why they cheat… Some say cause there is just too many beautiful women, or because my woman doesn’t treat me right or lacks certain things etc…

So what if a man has a beautiful woman, who is loyal to him, is a hard worker, educated, intelligent, makes her own money, can cook, is good in bed, is basically the perfect spouse… Why would her man still cheat on her?

I think men cheat cause they are insecure, have a low self esteem.  Have you seen some guys who are serial cheaters… other than their money and fancy cars they do not have a lot going for them and by that I mean things like… looks, personality and in some really bad cases they have what I call the “triple whammy”, no looks, no personality and no height… ever heard of short man syndrome?  He’ll cheat on his partner, ‘cause in his mind, he thinks one day she will mentally awaken to the realisation she deserves better than him & leave him.  He cheats on her to have POWER over her, to boost his ego. 

I don’t believe all men cheat ‘cause real men don’t need to cheat… they are confident, sure of themselves and mentally mature.  Their wisdom won’t allow them to commit to one woman if they aren’t ready to give their attention to just her.

A woman who stays with a man who cheats on her over and over again, is not loyal she is weak.  A loyal woman will be loyal to a man’s manhood, not loyal to his ego, she will tell him the truth, whether he likes it or not.  When a woman truly loves a man, she loves him at his best, not settling for his worst.

Remember real men don’t cheat, only cowards do.